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Winner Best of 2006

4-1 Combination House

Combine a bounce, obstacle course, climb & slide together and you've got our all-new 4-In-One Castle! Start with a 14'x8' bouncer, run through the 20' obstacle course, climb the 10' high ramp & slide down the covered giant slide!
Featuring All Flame-Retardant, Lead-Free Vinyls, Reinforcement Strips, Fine-Mesh Netting, Climb-side Sunshade, Slide Sunshade and Great Artwork! This is one of our best sellers!

20ft X 20ft

16 ft. Slide

Another great slide that the kids will love!


15 X 18 X 16


A great child favorite and great addition to any party.


15ft X 15ft

Bungee Bull

Ride'em Cowboy! Remember the mechanical bull craze, Urban Cowboy, John Travolta and all that hub bub? The mechanical bull disappeared due to the number of Chiropractors it kept in business. Well it's back, it's safe, and it's interactive. Instead of using a electro/hydraulic system to fling people around we developed a bungee system controlled by the partygoers. The aluminum, vinyl and foam bull is suspended from a circular frame by four powerful bungee cords. Underneath the bull lies a giant inflatable mattress to cushion a fall. One rider hops on "El Toro" while four friends each grab a bungee and begin oscillating the bull. The rider holds on to a rope/strap and tries to remain on the fierce beast for as long as possible. The motion is gentle but it is a real challenge to hang on. Forty riders and 160 bungee agitators per hour can participate.


18 X 18

Bungee Run

Hook on your bungee cord and hold on to your hat! Two contestants put on harnesses with a giant bungee cord attached. As they run down the 35-foot long, inflatable run way, tensioning the cord, the participants try to place velcro markers at the furthest possible point before the cord pulls them back down the soft, bouncy racing lanes. Two runways measuring 12 feet wide and seven-feet high provide a fun, safe area for the participants to race and test their strength against the bungee cord and each other. Another adaptation of this game is to have the participants race down the run way to pick up small prizes (not included). The further they go, the better the prize and the bigger the slingshot!


35 X 12

Dual Lane Slide

This high-quality slide has one stairwell servicing TWO slide surfaces!

20 x 20 x 22.

Outdoor Games

Welcome to our FUN Department.  We have a mammoth inventory of games, activities, and inflatables for all ages.  Multiple item rental and/or multi-day rental deals are considered.  Come see how we are redefining the laws of fun.

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