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At A Aa Rental & Event Services we provide tents and canopies for all occasions and for any budget.  We have the right size and the right design for your Wedding, Banquet, Sporting Event, Corporate Event or any Special Event.

Tents are classified by three different categories:

Pole Tent: A tent that has one or more poles in the center. The stability of these tents is based on tension created by ratcheting down to stake bars located 7 feet beyond the perimeter of the side poles. This pulls the fabric tight to the center pole creating a very attractive design that is great for all types of events.  Also these tents are the best choice for high wind areas.

Frame Tent: A freestanding tent that has only poles on the side and none in the center.  This tents roof is built on the ground and the canvas is then draped over the top and strapped to the frame.  It is then lifted onto its legs and anchored to weights or to stakes in the ground.  These tents are great for set-ups with limited time frames for installation and applications in which staking is not permitted.
Clearspan Structure: A freestanding structure that only has poles on the side and none in the center.  These structures consist of a series of heavy-duty arches that are built on the ground and then stood upright.  After the structure is built and anchored the canvas is then pulled into the framework itself.  This provides a very clean look for the roof and sidewall which also can glide into the framework and be zipped and unzipped.  These structures do require more time for set-up, but the end result is very satisfying for all types of events.

Make an appointment today for one of our tent professionals to visit your location for a free site inspection and CAD design.

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